OVS Underwear Giftcard

The OVS Underwear giftcard is sold in 4 amounts: 5, 10, 25 and 50 euros.

The OVS Underwear Giftcard is only sold and accepted in participating OVS Underwear stores.

After activating the card at the cash desk, by paying the chosen amount in cash or by other payment means accepted by OVS, the customer will receive a till receipt with the total amount on the card.

From this moment, the card is valid and has no expiry date.

The amount on the card will not receive interest.

The OVS Underwear Giftcard is available from all participating OVS Underwear stores in Italy.

The Giftcard is to be spent on a single transaction and therefore, it can be used for a total amount of purchases, up to the value it contains. It may not be used to purchase other Giftcards. Unspent amounts on the card will not entitle the user to receive change.

The card can be used by the person presenting it and is equivalent to cash. If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, it cannot be blocked and OVS is not responsible for its improper use, theft, loss or damage.

In case of theft or damage that leaves the barcode or associated numerical code illegible, or in case of loss, the Giftcard cannot be replaced or refunded.

The OVS Underwear Giftcard is valid from the time of purchase and has no expiry date.

If the initial card value is below the purchase amount, the remainder can be paid in cash or using another means accepted by OVS.

The purchase of an OVS Underwear Giftcard by an OVS CARD Underwear holder does not include the award of GLAM points.

The regulations are different when an OVS Underwear Giftcard is used by an OVS CARD Underwear. OVS CARD Underwear holders using an OVS Underwear Giftcard can use the card to add the corresponding GLAM points.

Any complaints concerning the use of the OVS Underwear Giftcard can be sent by e-mail to: servizioclienti@ovs.it, or by recommended letter with return receipt, to: Servizio Clienti OVS, Via Terraglio 17, 30174 Venezia-Mestre.





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