OVS CARD, your glam code!

Enter the world of OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD!  It’s simple!  Just complete the form in one of our participating OVS stores or download it here, then return it, completed, to an OVS store.

The cost of activating an OVS card is 5 euros, but if you leave your e-mail or cell phone number, it will cost you just 3.50 euros. If you are a university student, why not get an OVS Student CARD for just 3.50 euros? Just show a university document to prove you are a student.  The OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD will be given to you in store as soon as you complete the forms, and they can be used to access special discounts and exclusive offers! 

Important: click here to see the stores participating in the OVS CARD initiative.  

Download the application form, complete it in the comfort of your own home and then take it to your nearest OVS store.