FAQ Giftcard OVS

Can OVS gift cards be purchased/used in all OVS stores?

No, some OVS stores do not offer this service.  You can check the list of stores where it is possible to buy / use gift cards


Can it only be used by one person or is it available for different people to use?  

The card can be used by anyone who presents it at the cash desk.

Can it be topped up?


Can it be used for more than one purchase? 

No, the OVS gift card can only be spent for one transaction for a minimum amount, which is the face value of the gift card until the full amount is spent.


Does it expire? 

No, the OVS gift card does not have an expiry date.

If I use the gift card and I am also an OVS CARD holder, will I receive Glam points for the value of the card? 

Yes, OVS CARD holders using an OVS gift card can use the card to add the corresponding GLAM points.


If I purchase an OVS gift card and I am an OVS CARD holder, will I receive points for the value of the card? 

No, when an OVS CARD holder purchases a gift card, the corresponding GLAM points are not credited.

Can it be blocked if lost or stolen?

If the OVS gift card is lost, stolen or damaged, it cannot be blocked and OVS is not responsible for its improper use, theft, loss or damage.


Does it have an activation cost?  

No, there is no activation cost.

How much is an OVS gift card? 

The OVS Gift card costs € 25 or € 50, which is the same as its face value.  The amount is to be spent on items sold by OVS and paid for at an OVS cash desk.


Can I use my OVS gift card on special offers in OVS stores? 

No, OVS Gift cards are not part of promotions.