Is there a charge for the OVS CARD?

Yes, there is a charge of 5 euros for the OVS CARD, which you will pay when your card is issued.  At the same time, you will receive a welcome gift of a 5 euros discount voucher to use on your next purchase worth 50 euros or over.


What do I have to do to get an OVS Student CARD?

If you are a university student, you can apply for an OVS Student CARD by just presenting a valid university ID document.  With the OVS Student CARD, you can access all of the advantages of the OVS CARD but at a lower price of 3.50 euros.


Why is it a good idea to leave your e-mail address and cell phone number when you apply?

For two reasons: so that we can contact you and invite you to exclusive events, send you news about our collections and offers, plus our fashion tips and also because the OVS CARD will only cost you 3.50 euro.


Can I apply for a loyalty card in any OVS store?  And can I use it in any store?

You can request and use the OVS CARD in participating stores only.

Can I use my OVS CARD to pay?

No.  It is an electronic loyalty card that gives you lots of different advantages such as vouchers and on-the-spot discounts on purchases.  You can see all of the benefits of being an OVS CARD holder in the EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS section.


Can my friends or family use my card?

No.  The OVS CARD is personal and can only be used by the registered holder.  If you have friends or family who are interested, they can apply for their own, at a cost of 5 euros or 3.50 euros, if they leave their cell phone number and/or e-mail address.  They will also receive a welcome gift.


When can I use my welcome gift?

From the next purchase after your OVS CARD or OVS Student CARD has been issued, when you spend 50 euros or over.  Your welcome gift is valid for 2 months and cannot be used with other offers, discounts or for sale items.


Can I give my voucher away?

No.  All OVS CARD discount vouchers can only be used with the card they were issued for.

What do I do if my OVS CARD becomes lost or stolen 

You can ask for your card to be blocked in store.  You will be issued with a new card, free of charge.

If I don’t show my OVS CARD, can I still receive points and discounts?

Unfortunately not. Remember to keep your card with you.

Is my black or orange OVS Mycard still valid?

Of course.  You can still use your Mycard or if you prefer, we replace it with an OVS CARD, free of charge.  It is not necessary to complete another form, unless you wish to change your personal details, such as, your cell phone number and/or e-mail, so you can be kept up to date on new OVS products and offers.