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Two platinum discs, three digital platinums, over 2,700,000 fans on social networks, 220 million views on YouTube, a publishing success with the book “Bus 323. Viaggio di sola andata”, and also TV and radio presenter.

These are just some of the achievements of Emis Killaone of the most genuine, popular artists on the rap and Italian music panorama, now back with “Terza Stagione” his album dof brand new songs, due for release in  selected OVS stores  on 14 October.

An uncensored record of pure rap described by the artist himself as “a rough disc, conveying a new discovery of myself, in both the sound and the lyrics”. The album includes contributions from different artists from the rap and other scenes, such as Neffa, Maruego, Fabri Fibra, Jake La Furia, Coez and Giso and Jamil, and it touches on a range of social themes.