On the occasion of the eighth edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, OVS will be hosting a live performance of Alvaro Soler, artist and top-selling artist over the last two years, thanks to the successes “El Mismo Sol” and “Sofia”.

Tuesday 20 September, for the Milanese night dedicated to fashion and fair trade shopping, the ultra-central OVS store via Torino will be transformed to welcome the Spanish singer-songwriter and dedicate the event to all of the OVSpeople who can share the experience with others on social media, using the l’hashtag #OVSVFNO16. OVS will also be following the event on Snapchat to capture every second of Alvaro Soler’s performance.

After the great success of his release “El Mismo Sol”, the singer-songwriter and globetrotter confirmed his talent with “Sofia”, a song that has been in all the Italian hit parades over the last few months and which is also on his album “Eterno Agosto Italian Edition”, which has gone gold. Also from the album is the new single, “Libre” where Alvaro, who will be making his debut as a judge in the new series of X Factor, will be dueting with Emma.

Alvaro Soler, son of German and Spanish parents, grew up between Barcelona and Tokyo and then he moved to Berlin. His music has all of his different souls: the vibrant Spanish joie de vivre, Japanese minimalism, and the beating urban pulse that is typical of Berlin.