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The PIOMBO collections combine modern interpretations
of classic pieces
with an eccentric and unpredictable twist
through their colours and combinations.
jacket €99,95
The key item is the destructured jacket, elegant and confident.
Perfect for everyday occasions.
The iconic combination of white and navy blue enhances
the natural elegance of linen.
shirt €39,95
trousers €39,95
t-shirt €12,95
An original combination of functionality and aesthetics
into identify with.
Creations inspired by a dynamic lifestyle,
for those who meander through professional
commitments and leisure.
shirt €39,95
The sailor style is reinterpreted
in a contemporary key,
with outfits designed not only to be
worn along the coast.
shirt €39,95
polo shirt €19,95
The agility of free time comes
in thin layers with a chic sporty attitude.
Stripes and marine prints
enliven the T-shirts,
perfect in their simplicity.
t-shirt €12,95
Shirts and shorts that are easy to combine
for enjoyable getaways.
shirt €29,95
Pastel hues on lightweight, confident garments introduce the palette of reference for the season.
shirt €39,95
swimsuit €19,95
SHORTS €29,95
POLO shirt €19,95
The polo shirts reaffirm their stupendous
cult status
with vitamin shades
soaked in the sun.
The pursuit of excellent yarns focuses
on light knitwear in Supima cotton,
the finest cotton in the world.

Unsurpassed in its softness,
durability and bright colours.
t-shirt €14,95