pursuant to Art. 13 of Lgs. Decree 30.06.2003 no. 196

Data Protection Act


a) About us: OVS S.p.a., with registered address in Mestre (VE), at via Terraglio no. 17 (hereinafter referred to as “OVS”), is the Data Controller; OVS collects and processes personal data provided by your participation in the OVS Community, reserved to the OVS Card holders registered at www.ovs.it, and pursuant to Art. 13 sì sof Lgs. Decree no. 196, 30 June 2003 “Data Protection Act” (hereinafter “Privacy Act”), hereby informs you:


b) Reason for collecting your data: The data you provide by registering (via the OVS App) and taking part in the activities of the OVS Community, will be used to: (1) permit registration and participation in the OVS Community, allowing you to access initiatives and competitions reserved to members and described in the Regulations (such as “Gift Card” discount prizes, etc.).

If you give your consent, Some of these data, as well as –the data we collect by analysing your participation in the OVS Community, will be used to: (2) improve our sales offer thanks to better knowledge and awareness of our customers behaviour; (3) contact you - via e-mail or push notifications from the OVS App – with advertising or sales info about exclusive benefits that OVS and its business partners reserve to their customers, as well as to receive feedback from you about our services. These notifications can also be (4) specially tailored based on our knowledge of customers.

Advertising or commercial material may also be sent from other brands belonging to OVS. The names of these brands are available in an updated list on the website www.ovs.it, in the Corporate section.


c) What are the consequences of incomplete data? We ask you to provide all the data marked “obligatory” (*) because it is needed for you to become part of the OVS Community; incomplete data or failure to provide this information will prevent us from completing your registration. Failure to provide data marked as “optional” will have no consequences.

Some of the data needed for your participation in the OVS Community and regarding your participation on the OVS Facebook page (such as being a “Fan” of OVS, “likes” on OVS posts, etc.) will be collected by OVS on Facebook (please see point e) below). Facebook will not communicate any other data to OVS.


d) Your consent: Your consent is not needed to be a part of the OVS Community, but to get to know more about your preferences and interests, and to improve our offers and services (purpose no. 2), contact you or send you advertising or sales info (purpose no. 3), including customised material (purpose no. 4), we require your explicit consent. If you do not intend to consent, you can still be a part of the OVS Community, and access the reserved initiatives and competitions described in the Regulations . 


e) How we process your data: Data are processed in compliance with the current laws and standards and in any case, so as to guarantee security and confidentiality as well as to prevent any disclosure or unauthorised use, alteration or destruction of same. 

Data are processed using computerised means to allow you to be a part of the OVS Community, collect points and take part in competitions to win reserved “Giftcard” discounts. Specifically, OVS will record your actions using the OVS App and Community (e.g., daily access to the Community, opening a push notification, buying items through the OVS App, etc.), as well as activities on the OVS Facebook page (such as being a “Fan” of OVS, “liking” OVS posts, etc.). All activities will be given points that allow you to take part “Giftcard” discount voucher competitions. All activities recorded as participation in the OVS Community and the points awarded are described in the Regulations .

If you give consent to your data being used for the purposes stated in no. 2, 3, and 4, the data provided and the data we receive by analysing your participation in the OVS community, will be analysed to allow us to know you and your interests better and to adapt our sales and promotional offers, as well as to tailor the special offers and/or discounts that we may send you to suit your interests. Data concerning your participation in the OVS Community will be kept only for time you are a member and then it will be destroyed or anonymised. 


f) Who can your data be shared with? The data you provide will not be disclosed or communicated to other parties. To allow you to be a part of the OVS Community and for the purposes for which you gave consent, your data may become known to external processors, compliant with Art. 29 of the Privacy Code of the company appointed to guarantee the normal operation of the computer platform used by the OVS Community and to preserve the relevant computer archives. For this specific purpose, data may even be temporarily transferred abroad, within the European Union, but always pursuant to the guarantees set forth in Articles 43 to 45 of the Data Protection Act.

The names of external data processors can be found at www.ovs.it or requested via notification to be sent to the addresses provided below.

Your data may become known to employees and managers of the Marketing Division, E-Commerce Partnership and CRM, IT Department and Customer Care at OVS.


g) Rights from the Data Protection Act: By contacting the Data Controller, Chief Officer of the OVS Brand, OVS S.p.A., via Terraglio no. 17, 30174, Mestre (VE), e-mail: ovscard@ovs.it, or using the  Contact form on the website www.ovs.it, you may, at any time, exercise your rights as in Art. 7 of the Privacy Act, tra cui, 1) to obtain, without delay, confirmation of the existence or not of personal data […]; 2) to obtain information as to the source of personal data, the purposes and methods of processing used, the logic applied to processing with the use of electronic means, identification of the data controller, data processors, and the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data can be communicated or who may become aware of data in their capacity as processors or controllers; updating, correction or in the event of interest, the integration of data; b) deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data processed unlawfully; 3) to oppose, wholly or in part, the processing of personal data concerning them for the purpose of business information or to send advertising material or for direct selling, or to perform market research or commercial communications.


h) Who is the Data Controller? The data controller is also the Chief Officer for the OVS brand, the name of whom is available - as is an updated list of the data processors - if requested via mail, as outlined in the above section g).

 OVS S.p.A.