What happens after using PagoDIL?
Your instalments will be debited from your bank account using SDD (SEPA Direct Debit, which means it will automatically charged to your current account) on the date stated for the payment plan on your receipt.
How does the transaction show up on my statement ?
The debit payments show up on your account as payments made to COFIDIS by SDD.
Is there a charge for using PagoDIL?
Cofidis does not charge you anything extra for your transactions. However, your own bank may levy a charge for SDD costs. This will depend on your bank and account type.
Why do you need my bancomat debit card and pin entry?
Your debit card is used exclusively to automatically acquire your bank details and is not used for any payment operations. Your PIN is required to check the validity of the card. Cards issued by some banks may not allow this function and therefore, you will need to enter the IBAN into the POS terminal.
Where are the amounts debited?
The amounts are debited directly from the debit card holder's account.
How much does the bank charge for the bancomat debit card transaction?
Debit cards are not used to make the payment and therefore, there are no charges for use.
Can another person’s bancomat debit card be used if the pin is known? (e.g. Husband’s/Wife’s card)
No. The transaction must be made by the card holder
Can credit cards be used?
No. PagoDIL only accepts payment by instalments against a debit card.
Do you only accept italian cards?
PagoBancomat can only by used with Italian banks. Other cards, from international circuits are not operational.
Do you accept postamat cards?