The Italy of small towns and villages, piazzas and fountains; the hidden Italy with its city corners, now protagonist at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. Today, Monday, 5 September 2016, in the area of Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, at the Lido, Giorgio Pasotti’s film was previewed. The film is all about the Arts of Italy project, set up by OVS in conjunction with the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo to help rediscover the beauties of Italy through the medium of film.

The short was made with a selection of video entries to the OVS Arts of Italy contest, hosted on the platform. Through films lasting an average of one minute, participants showed the link they have with a particular work of art, something that they consider special. The winners were selected by an expert jury panel, chaired by Davide Rampello and including Achille Bonito Oliva, Mimmo Calopresti, Gaetano Pesce, and Gianfranco Pannone.

“In the film,” explains director, Giorgio Pasotti, “we show memories, passions, and love through works of art in Italy that have become a part of people’s lives. What emerges is a funny and sometimes moving portrait that is definitely rich with feeling: it’s what life is all about. Thanks to the OVS Arts of Italy project, I have had the opportunity to direct a declaration of love for Italy’s art, culture and fashion”.

“The Arts Of Italy project came from our desire to pay tribute to the beauty we meet in our towns and villages every day,” says Stefano Beraldo, CEO of OVS. “And from this came the idea to hold a video competition in collaboration with the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, with the aim of offering a public of young creatives the opportunity to show and reveal our priceless artistic heritage and the emotions it arouses, through the immediate language of a video”.

According to Davide Rampello, President of the expert jury panel, “this contest points to the great imaginative and narrative abilities of Italians when it comes to talking about their own history, and their ability to observe the extraordinary social and cultural memories that are a part of all our lives”.

Don Davide Milani, President of the FEdS, explained that “Since 1946, the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo has been working to disseminate, promote and capitalise on cinema culture in Italy. Working in conjunction with a culturally aware company such as OVS has made it possible to arrange a competition that uses the language of film to showcase the beauties of Italy, with an added value: the stories of the people who are behind the camera. Because we are sure that an asset can become cultural heritage, above all when it becomes a part of people’s lives and experience.”.

The winner of the competition is Jorge Muchut, 34, video maker, born and raised in Còrdoba (Argentina). Since 2014 he has been living in Trieste, having made the opposite journey to his great grandfather on his father’s side, who left Cormons for South America in the last century. “For me, Trieste is my favourite city,” he says, “it has taken me in and become my home. That’s why I wanted to show it in a minute, in the film that went on to win. Trieste is a border city, with a unique history and a light all its own, also because it overlooks the sea. I tried to show this light in my video.” Jorge Muchut’s entry, produced by Luciana Faino, was chosen as the winner by the jury, “because it was able to give us a nostalgic but vivid and intensely poetic portrait of one of Italy’s most beautiful cities”.

The runner up was a video about the church of “Santa Maria de Idris”, in Matera, made by Gabriella Cosmo, “because it interpreted the spirit of the competition, telling the story of a marvellous and very little known monument, from an intimate, original perspective”.

Third place went to “Cà Brutta” in Milan, by Angelo Urgo and Giovanna Monti, “for its ability to construct a dynamic narrative, able to tell us the story of a piece of architecture.”



1 Minute Trieste
La Bellezza di Firenze
Monumento ai Caduti di Turbigo (MI)
Ricordi della mia città
Il mare
OH, ROME - A Lovestory in Rome
Amore Vero
La Valle degli Dei
Fortezza Medicea di Siena
Nascondere per dare bellezza
Pompei, il Tempio di Apollo
Le rose di Roma
For once don't take the bus
La Fontana dell'Amicizia
Venice is behind there
Il nostro Forte
Triest. Piazza Unità d'Italia
Lo stallone di bronzo
Un posto speciale
Una bicicletta per Torino
Anime Danzanti
L'amore comincia così
Sonetti d'amore
Sonetti d'amore 2
Il Monumento di Francesco Baracca
Back to the Start
VIAREGGIO: Una speranza all'orizzonte
L'Arte fa Rivivere la Memoria
I "Sassi" di Matera-OVS arts of Italy
Verso casa
Sapri Arte Storia Cultura
Il Duomo Milano: Family virtues
Amphitheatrum Flavium
Mi Casa. Quartiere Como Borghi
Venice - the city of love and romance
Grow up
Le Gambe delle Donne
Some chords of Venice
Ai piedi del Cristo italiano
Oro Bianco
Into Sang
Torre di Pisa
Come da un gioco nasce una passione_V2
Castello, quartiere monumentale
Parco Dora
Anche lei
Trenta legami, Una diva
Il monastero nel cuore
185 s.l.m.
Beauty in woods
Sei tu
Il mio parco
Miti, leggende e storia a Sant'agata di
Mi manca
Come le nuvole
(Laconico) Nel finestrino specchiato
L'opera d'arte
White Street Wedding