Your digital card, your place in the OVS world.
Access the OVS world with just a single account:
use OVSiD on the website, app and store
  • Collect the points and get up to 30% discount coupons
  • Receive exclusive offers for your shopping on the website and on store
  • View your updated profile and the history of your purchases
Single digital
personal profile
always with you
Exclusive offers
online and in store
Birthday gift
for you and your family
Collect the points
Every euro of shopping is one point to get amazing discount coupons:
400 points = 10% off coupon
600 points = 20% off coupon
1000 points = 30% off coupon
Welcome to OVSiD
Get 2 gifts with registration:
1. 5€ Welcome gift valid from the day after registration on over 50€ purchases
2. 10€ eWelcome to shop on ovs.it on over 50€ purchases

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