Shaka brings you 9 new nail varnishes with a bright, creamy finish for spring: 9 new shades, ranging from pale pink to deep red.
Shaka Origami brings you a mix of colours and textures to create a 3D effect, for a product with multi-faceted results. The line has a range of 9 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, where different colours are used to create highlights and sunken effects. Nuances start with pale tones of pink and silk, moving on to the warmer brown and taupe, alternated with violet and blue brights. To complete the collection: 16 play-matic eyeshadows with a pearl finish, 12 eye crayons - 6 automatic and 6 pencils - 7 creme shadows in bright shades for silky, soft results.
The Shaka range now includes EXTREME, a bold collection with a precious, uncompromising feel. 4 seductive, feminine fragrances inspired by the olfactory notes of the moment, accompanied by a make-up collection consisting of 3 creme finish lip colours (pink chic, sexy purple, so red), 5 gel look nail colours in soft and bold shades, a gold highlighting powder to create stunning effects, 4 all-over shimmer gels for that perfect glam style, and the essential black volume mascara.
Shaka launches a make-up range to create that total black look: a classic eye pencil, a glitter crayon for light effects, a black kajal, a maxi kajal with shine effects for bolder lines, a black maxi eyeliner, an automatic eye pen and a black shadow. A mix of products to create magnetic, intense eye make-up results.